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Blackjack, while a game that’s become a favorite across America and casinos around the world, was not an instant favorite. Essentially, it’s a simple game of numbers and knowing when to stop – this is why casinos everywhere added bonuses to it. Blackjack did not even have the concept of blackjack to begin with, it being a new addition across the pond. For those who want more variety and spice to their ace and jack game, here are a few variants to spice up the game.

Spanish Twenty One is a common betting variant to the game of blackjack. For this variant, the table needs six to eight decks. If you’re playing with friends or family, ask them to pitch in, as a deck of cards isn’t that expensive. Twenty one, instead of a strict blackjack, leads to instant victory. Many options arise from applying Spanish Twenty One to a Blackjack game. Double splitting your aces remains a viable move. Many bonuses also come to the forefront once this blackjack variant is used. Six, seven and eight pays three to two. If you’re lucky and you get them suited, you could get paid two to one and if its suited in spades specifically, you get three to one. Not a bad deal, at the end of the day. Printed tens, however, are immediately removed at the start of the ten, to compensate for all these bonuses. This changes card counting strategies, among other things, but gives players a different angle to exercise their minds with.

Bust Out is another blackjack variant that any player can ask their dealer to add. When the dealer shows the players their revealed card and if that card happens to be a stiff hand, a player can apply this side bet. If the dealer then proceeds to be unfortunate and ends up hitting and getting a ten, the bet is repaid with two to one odds. A lot of casinos refuse this blackjack variant, as it is insanely easy for any skilled card counter to win using Bust Out.

Twenty One madness follows the sidebet trend of blackjack variants. It’s easy application lies in its simplicity. Players may opt to bet one dollar and if they get a blackjack when the dealer does not, the player gets a bonus. The kicker for twenty one madness is that the bonus can range from five dollars to over one thousand dollars, as it is decided at random.

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