Why Elimination Blackjack Rocks

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If you watch the game on TV, or play tourneys on the Internet, you’ll immediately notice that Elimination Blackjack is almost always the format of choice. If you’re wondering why this variant is so popular, a review of the rule innovations will show you why.

There are many aspects about Elimination Blackjack that captivates players, but one of the most crucial is that of the stakes, which are much higher than the average game. In the TV games, these can go up to $25,000 or more. Another innovation is that certain games are assigned elimination hands; what this means is that regardless of how many chips you hold, if you have the lowest chip count at the end of this hand, you are out of the running.

The secret bet is another rule of Elimination Blackjack that provides for additional excitement. With the secret bet, players can wager any amount, and also has the option to surrender or double down.

A critical element of Elimination Blackjack (for the TV version), is revealing the hole card of the dealer, similar to Poker. Another interesting concept is that the double down cards are handed face down. This allows you the option to bluff; for example, you can wager a large bet, and your opponent won’t know if you have hit the Blackjack or busted.

The other rules in Elimination Blackjack include the use of six deck cards, hitting on soft 17, doubling (for any pair of cards), doubling after a split, and also the surrender. These are not just standard for the TV tournaments, but in most online games they are also enforced, albeit with some minor changes.

Always look at the tourneys available and compare the prizes; some might offer more stringent rules, but the cash might be bigger, so consider both these factors. Also, some of the bigger events might require a large buy in, although some now make use of satellite qualifying events, similar to the World Series of Poker.

As with any Blackjack variant, a little review of the rules won’t hurt. In this case it can be difficult, because there are few play money games here; however the important thing to consider are the rules; just memorize the rules and you should be fine.

With all these innovations, plus an ever increasing cash prize, Elimination Blackjack is certainly here to stay. It adds more thrills and excitement, and with the change in rules, gives more room for strategizing on your part. It’s truly about time that you try this game out, and bring home some great cash prizes.

Alison Mackenzie

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