Rhythm and superstitions

Rhythm and superstitions

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Craps is a game with many superstitions, but unlike slots and video poker, the beliefs surrounding craps don’t need to be debunked. Everyone knows they’re not logical. Yet everyone (including the casino crew) heeds them. That’s because there is a rhythm to the game and a feeling at a hot table that simply defies logic. Below are some of the more common superstitions.

A don’t bettor increases the chance of a seven ­out.
Cashing out will cause a shooter to seven-out.
Breaking the shooter’s rhythm will cause seven-out.
Mentioning seven or touching the shooter will cause a seven-out.
Dice hitting a person’s hand will cause a seven­ out.
Dice leaving the table will cause a seven-out, unless the shooter continues with the same dice.
An empty or recently opened table will be cold, and not good for a streak.
A female who is shooting craps for the first time will always pass, and will likely pass a number of times after that
Yes, they’re silly, and smart craps players don’t believe any of this malarkey. But it’s still not a good idea to touch the shooter while she’s on a roll, OK?

Alison Mackenzie

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