Table Bankroll-Right Bettors

Table Bankroll-Right Bettors

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The tough, smart player who uses the strategy outlined earlier in this page is in a winning position. He’s giving the house only a minimal advantage on any bet, and a short winning steak can bring him a lot of their cash.

To make his bets correctly, he must go through a complete cycle of betting­one pass-line wager with double odds and then two come bets established, both with double odds.

Your bankroll for any one session should permit you to complete seven to ten cycles of betting. If you’re betting $2 on the pass line and taking double odds, you will invest about $20 on a full cycle of betting. Therefore, you should have at 3east $140 with you at the table to withstand a run of bad luck.

To reverse the situation, if you bring $150 to the craps table, you’d be foolish to bet more than $2 on your pass-line bet and risk the chance of losing your bankroll quickly after a few runs of cold dice. If you’re betting $5 and taking double odds, You’re in danger of being tapped out before you can get a Winning streak going or before that inevitable hot roll comes along.

This isn’t to say that the player should expect to lose, but losses do occur and dice run cold, and the right bettor should be prepared for this situation.

A player betting with $5 chips at a double odds table will need approximately $100 for a complete cycle of pass line and two come bets. Therefore, he should have at least $700 with him at the table, insuring that he won’t be wiped out by a run of bad luck. If a player needs $700 for a single session of play, his total bankroll should be at least $5,000, or seven times the single table bankroll.

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